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Programmers located Anywhere.

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I would like to have or life is feudal:your own. mainly an economy mod that will handle currency distribution as well as taxation. as well as an auction house mod that will allow players to put things up for sale at the trading post and sell them for money to other players. I'm willing to pay for this mod even though this is usually done for free. I run a server on LiF for roleplaying/pvp.

I believe this game uses sql which is the main reason there isn't a lot of modding going on with this game. there are a few mods out for the game but when I click the link theres no file or download link and almost everything mod wise cuts of in 2015 by the custodian modder on the LiF forums and all way of contacting him he never responds. this should be a farely easy job for someone to do as Ive been to other servers where they have there own personal coder.

if someone is will to do this we can make it a regular thing as well instead of just a one time thing. some of the mods are client base and some are server based and some are both. anyways please help me out

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please send me an email at zachbokurak@yahoo.com

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