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Love Indie? Write for ANDi Games Ltd:

ANDi Games Ltd are a London based start-up, with our first app; ANDi, out now on the Google Play Store. It uses machine learning algorithms and continuously adapts to the needs of our customers. ANDi has been designed from the ground up to be your personal gaming assistant across all gaming platforms, from Mobile and Console to PC and looking further afield, AR and VR too.

But you know all that, right? And now you want to know about why we are looking for writers?

We want ANDi to be YOUR personal gaming assistant. Not just making real recommendations based on real user data, but to also provide the latest updates across the industry. That includes news, reviews, features, interviews, opinion pieces, events coverage and more. We want to provide our users with quick access to mobile gaming news, interviews with VR developers, behind the scenes features with indie developers and how they manage the rapid changes in technology. But to do that, we need your help!

ANDi Games Ltd is a start-up, and by its very nature, we have an extremely tight budget. Most of which goes to developing the system architecture that will deliver our platform across multiple hardware solutions. Unfortunately, this means we cannot pay you… with money at least. What we can offer you is listed below:

All your written work is published on Get-andi.com within our blog section.
Author Profile attached to each article containing links to your own personal website and social networks.
Featured on Get-andi.com as a “Freelance Content Contributor”
Our tech team are busy behind the scenes integrating our blog with the ANDi app. Your articles could be featured within the app to users the world over.
Write about what interests you;
Mobile, Console or PC games.
AR and VR
Mobile Technology – are you a Apple fan? You can write about Apple all day long if you want to.
We’ll provide you with the games and hardware to review. This may come as promotional codes for mobile app stores, Steam or console marketplaces. You are of course welcome to submit reviews of games you buy yourself also.
Team ANDi have just come back from volunteering at TechCrunch Disrupt in London, and 12 hours prior to that, Slush16 in Helsinki. We’ll also be volunteering at Pocket Gamer Connect, again in London this January. Although we have run out of slots for these events, we’ll be looking for people to come with us to future events to help provide coverage. We’ll be able request press/trade passes for your favourite gaming events and can even send you to behind closed door launch parties - not just game developers, but hardware and tech startups too. Goodie bags anyone?
And of course, you’ll be working with one of the most exciting UK start-ups in the Gaming Industry. There is no end to the possibilities this may bring you, insights into start-up culture, meeting the team in London and potential future paid positions within ANDi Games Ltd.
We'd be thrilled to provide references for future employers.

So, who are we looking for? We are looking individuals from all walks of like. You might be an avid gamer, interested in writing about games and looking for your first outlet. You might be an Indie Developer yourself, and have a lot to say about industry related matters. You might be a University or College student or even work full time in an unrelated field and just have a lot to say about the topics listed above. Whatever your background, if you write well and articulate your views and opinions coherently, we want to hear from you.

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Please visit Get-andi.com and complete the short application form.

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