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Posted by MotoLegacy on

We're looking for a friendly and capable concept artist to help us explore an idea for a potential future project. This will include a degree of character and landscape design. The artist will work closely with the creative director on this project while it remains in pre-production. We simply require someone with artistic experience and examples of work should very much be provided. We're a friendly and experienced small team already working on smaller projects. While we'd prefer to stay profit free as of the current time, we have no problem with paying reasonable comission to the artist on a freelance basis if the project begins to diminish their personal time.

This project revolves around a rugged, grey world of Ireland in an alternative 1930s. The player will be subject to survival in this harsh world, up against a band of violent religious fanatics. We're aiming for an atmosphere not too disimilar from Bioshock or Resident Evil 7, but in an British rural setting. Themes shall revolve around destuction and violence also. The artist must be prepared to deal with religious symbolgy, jagged characters with a rural 1920s theme and a destituionally themed environment in their art.

Simply put: we are looking for an artist capable of completing detailed character art to a reasonably strict portfolio with a near unlimited timeframe. We're not strict and this project remains very early, so the artist is free to experiment with design. This art must be thorough, however, to a degree that it can be used by 3D modelers and animators in the process of development.

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