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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

A group of young artists and devolpers are working on a short action title that aimes to bring a new approach to action combat.
the game takes inspiration from popular action titles like bayonetta an Devil may cry . and tries to make some changes to the action combat formula.
We are not aiming to create the biggest map , instead we are aiming for a short gameplay experience of 1-2 hours , and we will focus on the best quality possible and making the game most fun .

the team now is missing concept artists , specifically we are in need for a character designer that is able to create concepts for the game characters and communicate his ideas to the the artists.

Qualificatons :

Concept art
Ability to communicate ideas and design choices.
Able to work remotely and participate in weekly team meetings.
Imagination and creativity.

Note :
This is an unpaid position because the team is unable to provide payment for any of the members . however we offer revenue share in case the project makes it to the market and we are more that capable of creating a great game.

To Apply

For more information please contact me by email : achrafgarai@hotmail.com

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