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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by Jack.Beauchamp on

Hello my name is Jack Beauchamp, I am the manager of a talented indie game development team. We have set out upon creating a 2D pixel art open world RPG. The game is set in a post-magical apocalypse world where communities of survivors are living at a tribal level among the ruins of a magic-powered theocratic empire.
Sounds awesome, right? Why don’t you come and join us!

Positions Available:

To clarify, this is not going to be a paid position.

Environmental Artists:
Unfortunately at this time we only have need for environmental artists. Please apply for this role if the following interest you.
- Working with an amazing/talented group of people
- Working with pixel art
- Working with the art team to maintain consistency throughout the world
- Creating high resolution/detailed backgrounds
- Improvising your own unique ideas
- Etc

- Strong traditional art skills
- Willing to go out of your comfort zone and experiment
- Work well with others
- Motivated to create a great product
- Good written and verbal English skills
- The desire to learn new things either from yourself or from others
- Passionate about video games

Preferred Skills:
- Some experience making games

Remember, we’re not “professionals” either. This is a hobby-project, so you don’t have to be a prodigy, but just wanting to create good art and making games. Come a talk to us, if you’re interested!

To Apply

If you have any questions or are interested in joining contact me at jackbeauchamp@shaw.com

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