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Posted by AS-EchoVision on

I have a project on rpg vx ace and im looking for a programmer, artist, coder, voice actors and tileset maker. My project is named Euphoria Arc and its a action adventure comedy rpg style game. The type of rpg is simplier to kingdom hearts in terms of fighting like a action battle system to be exact. It circles in the fantasy era with modern aspects. Not modern but around the 1500 with swords, horses king and queen monarchy type style. If you are skilled at least in one ability i have listed above contact me. I will profit share and we can negotiate.

This is a commercial game that I will be looking to release in the time being. I hope to come across dedicated workers so if you dont feel that you will be dedicated then this is not the job for you. The work ethic is high, when we decide to work it will be finish before we stop. I am a indie game developer with hopes to form a team. The roles is pretty self explanatory once you tell me what you can do however I still look after and oversee everything and explain the role if you need more info about it.

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