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Artists located Anywhere.

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We are looking for a 3D modeler for our ongoing project.

We're a team of professionals and hobbyists with strong backgrounds in modding, who have come together to make our own game. Currently consisting of 2 experienced coders, a composer/sound designer and a 2D/concept artist, we are looking for a 3D modeler to work along with our concept artist to create 3D models for use in the game.

Our game is a top-down survival management game similar to Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect or Rimworld. It is set on an offworld colony halfway through being terraformed when it is devastated by an AI uprising. The player starts out in charge of a group of survivors and has to construct a rudimentary settlement, fulfill their needs for food and shelter and eventually send out scavenging parties to delve into procedurally generated city ruins and dungeons to search for pre-collapse supplies and tech, all while fighting off hostile raiders and sneaking past roaming mechanoids.

We are aiming for a cel-shaded/toony art style with a futuristic and relatively sinister/gritty atmosphere. A few example assets:


What assets you would be expected to create:
- Characters
- Different clothes and armor
- Various structures and furniture
- Weapons
- Vehicles
- Alien flora and fauna

We are building our game using the Unity engine, so we can support most common 3D file formats. You are free to use just about any modeling software you're proficient with.

Our team is using GitHub for project management and Discord for communication. We maintain a friendly and open work environment, where everyone is invited to participate in order to make every aspect of the game the best it can be. We aim to commercialize the game eventually, but we're primarily working on it out of passion.

If you'd like to participate in this process, we'll be happy to hear from you.

To Apply

Contact me via email maximilianhermann@web.de
Or on Discord NoImageAvailable#7185

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