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hello, we at eagleheroes a next-gen mmo there everything is posible.
we have creatd realistic weather system. With horse you need to train as your own. but be careful someone can steal your horse. you can break a windows, steal things, pick up a flower. we have programming this mmo to be as realtics as in real world.

now We are looking for 3d designers for realistics objects, egyptian clothes, and texture for realiatic textures.

our first city is been developed. we need some objects for that. and some cloths for our realistic character. we will realse a demo in september that will lead us for investor. the programming is finnished for the demo. but we are missing some design work.

we do not offer paid right now but royalitys you will get soem % of the end game. until we have investors that will pay you for your work.

if youre not a 3d designer but cant help on another way youre welcome to join. just send a apply and i will contact you sonn as possible.

thanks for your time:

Eagleheroes Manager and Creator Daniel Halén

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