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Artists located Anywhere.

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Hello, I am looking for individuals to participate in the creation of a freelancers association that will ultimately become a single decentralized games development company.

I am not an employer and I am not hiring for myself. I am looking to recruit and organize a team that will operate towards a common goal --the creation of games.

I have some knowledge of 3D and 2D graphics myself as well of some sound editing, but a single person cannot do more than a single person can do. Also, I don't like to be employed for a tiny fraction of my work's market value.

Right now a lot of money is being literally thrown here and there being invested in companies that have from little to nothing to offer, and some don't indeed. I could show you some very solid examples how that happens.

We can have a chance to get funded and creating something of actual value, while on the same time retaining a large amount of the actual profit for ourselves.

All we need to do is to create some sample work, show it and get funded in order to create a complete product. Initially some graphics designers and possibly programmers will do. Later on more staff will be needed.

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If you understand like my idea or if you need further clarifications you may contact me at my e-mail address.


Thank you.

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