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Posted by Kord on

Hello there!

I'm Patrick Polewiak and I'm experienced level & game designer (Afterfall, Scopophobia, Haunted Memories, Phantaruk). I want to gain some more experience at horror games design because it's my passion and I just love to create creepy, dark worlds. I also started to learn scripting in UE4 some time ago and I'm thinking about connecting some dots.

At this moment I'm searching for an Artist which can produce some cool horror stuff. I'm thinking mostly about enviro art but the best will be someone open-minded for other things like characters, organic things or even some rigging and animations (depends on you!)

About the Project: at this point I developed an Idea which I call "Close Your Eyes". It's a prototype based on closing your character eyes which is giving you some kind of immortality but also can do some bad stuff like teleporting you to random location or spawn jumpscares. Now I need to put it in some cool setting and story (for which I have some ideas but I don't want to go on without artist).

In general I want to develop ideas together with you. The main goal is to produce small but quality prototypes with potential.

IMPORTANT NOTES (because I want to be 100% honest with you):
- This is not a work offer. And I dont work at this project fulltime - its after hours and only if its not colliding with my main job. (mostly 2-3 hours per day and a bit more at weekends)
- My english is not perfect, because I'm still learning. You have to valute it and decide if its enough for you to understand me well and viceversa.

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Send a message to polewiak.patryk@gmail.com

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