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Artists located Anywhere.

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LoreSoft wants to co-operate with a Lead Artist, an Environmental Artist and an animator for Editors.

We are looking forward to hire 3D Artists and Animators for our upcoming Beat 'Em Up/RPG Editors. Our team consists of 5 developers and we are working in Unreal Engine 4. All of us have previous experience in various game development companies, and have worked in both small projects and AAA games.

Software that will be used is under discussion, although we are mainly looking to provide a unique art direction and art style to our game. Previous experience will be considered as a plus.

This job is external which means that you can work from home, whenever you live. We are a Greek based company but don't have any preferrable countries. Everyone is welcome!

We don't have budget but we are working based in revenue share. This means that if our Kickstarter goal will be approved, we will split the amount equally according to the percentage of work that each developer/artist will do, plus the same will occur from our Steam sales. Finally, the daily communication is being done via Skype.

To Apply

If you are interested please send us your CV to loresoftgr@gmail.com .

We are looking forward in hearing from you.

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