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Mobile and tablet games have opened up a new world of gaming anywhere and everywhere you want. You can slide, tap, shake and play all manner of games from family friendly educational titles to adventurous classics. On Slide DB we give developers a community they can share their ideas with and showcase the work they are doing, beyond the basic app stores and the highly contested "top charts".

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Meet us at E3 2018

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You may not be aware, but the DBolical Network of sites which includes ModDB.com, IndieDB.com, GameFront.com and mod.io is proudly Australian made. We reach over 5 million people monthly around the world but so rarely get to meet anyone down under. Occasionally we manage to fight our way through the snakes and kangaroos and E3 is one such event.

modio roadshow e3

If you happen to be in LA from June 11th to 14th and are keen to have a chat, please reach out to hello@dbolical.com. We are in town and will be taking our latest creation mod.io on a road show for game and engine developers, that want to take control and grow their modding community across all platforms. Of course if you just want to chat about mods or your indie game thats fine too!

See you there.
❤️ DBolical Team

For some time now Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers have been pushing the adoption of HTTPs and for good reason. HTTPs helps ensure data is encrypted (to stop eavesdropping), provides data integrity (no modifying data without being detected) and authenticates you end-to-end to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

Update complete

Migrating was a considerable challenge, as it impacts every URL, image and post on the site (and we have several million pieces of content to consider), but we have successfully enabled HTTPs everywhere. This was one of the important steps we mentioned last week as part of our "security first" approach and compliance with the EU's upcoming GDPR laws (note that HTTPs isn't a requirement, but we believe important to support).

HTTP embedded content should be updated

While this change shouldn't break anything, to stop mixed content warnings (happens when a HTTPs URL embeds content from HTTP URLs) we now only support HTTPs embedded content in posts and will be updating all posts to use HTTPs URLs. This means if you have embedded an image or iframe in your profile or content previously without HTTPs support, it may no longer work.

Update your links to us

It also means that all of your links to us on your homepage, blog and elsewhere are now out of date. If you can please change those URLs to HTTPs that would be amazing!

Replace http:// with https:// for all of our domains:


Help us tell Google we've moved with a new link

If you don't already link to us, now is a great time to throw us a link and help us let Google know we've moved. We've got plenty of buttons and logos available on our about page, as well as embedded below.

Mod DB

Indie DB

As always thanks massively for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the update.

On the 25th May 2018, EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be coming into effect. Although these changes are spurred by European law, we are strong believers that every users privacy is important, and have done a complete review of our system to ensure the continued privacy and security of all our users personal data.

Here is a quick summary of the changes we've made to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which will come into effect on the 25th May 2018:

  • We have always allowed our users to request a complete deletion of their account, by following the instructions provided in our Privacy Policy. We shall soon open up this tool to automate the process for our users that want their account deleted.
  • We shall also add a tool which allows our users to request a copy of data we have stored on you to review, and for data portability purposes.
  • We aim to collect the minimum amount of personal data required, to operate the site. We don't sell this data or track you outside of the site. This won't be changing, instead, we're being more specific on how we use the information we collect, how long we keep that data, and the rights you have regarding it.
  • Finally, we're providing more clarity around the legal bases we use to process your information, including providing the service to you, complying with the law, improving our services, and providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.
  • We shall be migrating all domains to SSL/HTTPS next week (this work has been completed).

We encourage you to review our updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. It takes effect May 25th, 2018. By using DBolical network sites on or after that date, you'll be agreeing to the changes. If you have questions about these changes, feel free to reach out to us at legal@dbolical.com.

v5 preview

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Can you believe that the site you are looking at was designed in 2008 (check out Old Timers for our history)? That's an eon in tech-years, and plenty has changed in the past 9 years. The biggest has been the introduction of responsive mobile friendly websites, and while we don't care about mobile because we are part of the #PCmasterrace, a bit of a refresh is still well overdue.

v5 homepage

The challenge

The biggest challenge we faced when redesigning ModDB and IndieDB, is we really like what we've made and we don't really like change. 9 years ago when we launched v4, we broke a lot of new ground with a website that was basically entirely community run. Afterall it only makes sense that ModDB is as moddable as the games listed on the site are. And a refresh will mean breaking a lot of backwards compatibility and many of the beautiful custom profiles you've spent a long time making. This is unavoidable, but we hope with a more modern approach we can open the door to even better custom profiles.

v5 alpha aims

  • Maintain current layout box structure with admin buttons as you see on v4
  • Create a responsive layout that works on all devices from widescreen to mobile
  • Make the site easier to use for newbies, highlight downloads and content submission more
  • Update the comments & follower systems, so you get notified when the content you care about changes
  • Enable CSS support so profile customization becomes even easier

v5 homepage

Join the alpha

We believe we have completed a lot of the above now, so we are inviting you to help us test and provide feedback on what we've built so far. To participate you must join the DB Testing group then click the following link (for ModDB or IndieDB) to toggle v5 mode on & off. Once in we encourage you to join the discussion in discord, here or on the DB Testing group profile. We look forward to your criticism be it good or bad, as we want to make sure we get it right!

We need a designer

In terms of next steps, right now the v5 alpha is a little dull. It lacks the heart that v4 has, and the excitement that a gaming site should have. We need a kickass designer to help us change the flat colors and simple boxes into something more exciting, befitting ModDB and IndieDB. So if you consider your webdesign skills as elite, and know CSS well and can tweak and change what we've made with ease, we want to employ you! Please reach out via hello@dbolical.com

We're excited to announce that we have implemented @mentions across the network to make it easier for you to notify your friends! Whenever you are now mentioned in a post, users will receive an update informing you who mentioned you, as well as where it occurred and a direct link to the mention.

How to use it?

Similar to Facebook, Twitter and other networks that support @mentions, when you type @ followed by a relevant name on our site, beit a member, game, group, engine, etc you will be prompted with an autocomplete list where you can find the listing you are after. Once that's done your mention will be highlighted in blue and will become a new link once you post your comment.


Notifications of mentions

If you mentioned by a user, you will be notified the by the regular updates area the same way you'd be notified if a game you were following published an article.

Where can I use this?

This feature has been designed to be used throughout the site however on forms, if it's not an editor field (ie description) the mentions functionality will not be supported. Articles, comments, reviews, game pages, forums, etc all support @mentions.

As with any new feature we roll out, a pesky bug can always slip between the cracks so if you do come across any issues (especially compatibility issues) with the @mentions feature please do get in touch or join us on Discord with us as we will endeavour to get it resolved as soon as possible. We hope you like this new feature and that it helps you keep in touch with members of your community.

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