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Morbus is the leader of the Dark Tribe, the baddest bunch of no good-niks around, and because he instigates a revolt against the highest of the Gods, he is doomed to receive the worst punishment he can possibly imagine - banishment to planet Earth. As soon as he arrives on Earth, Morbus and his Dark Tribe begin their battle against all that is good and pure about earthly greenery and the Settler world. The objective of Settlers IV is to build up a colony with a thriving construction and mining industry, food, tool and weapon production. The player's skilful use of resources, combined with the irrepressible get-up-and-go of the diverse Settler characters, form the foundation for a robust colony. Ensure that the settlement becomes more attractive and it could be a paradise, if it weren't for the neighboring races and Morbus, with his evil machinations.

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