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PokeWorld is the World's First Text Based MUD/MMO for your Discord Server, with a simple invite. Become a Trainer of one of the Many Regions of the Pokemon World, start your Adventure become the Greatest Pokemon Champion, explore all there is in the PokeWorld, and Strive to Catch 'em All.

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Bot isn't even live yet. Delay after delay with no end in sight. Core functionality was supposed to be done a week ago and go into beta release. It is nowhere close though.

Amazing varity with great amount of details and choices. Can't even imagine the coding team did on this beast of a program.

This is great!

This bot is really good, It's all I've ever wanted in a discord bot. It takes the world of pokemon and puts it in a server with you and your friends.


Chungo22 says

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Good, if it ever releases. Fingers crossed for this ambitious project.


Haven't been able to play it since I joined the server but I assume it's decent

It's for a giveaway and he's put a lot of time into the bot, so why not.

Great Community!





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