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Metaloid: Origin is 2d platformer focus on run and shooting packed with non-stop action!

story of the game setting on "Utopa" home planet of an ancient robot race called "Metaloid"
whom have live in harmony with nature for over ten thousand year but suddenly one day a mysterious alien ship appears and claims the planet including their race as his own before sending his army to enslave people all around the world It wasn't long before the Metaloid decide to fight back.

- 3 Unique Playable Characters Flame Erika , Lighning Zeta , Laser Neva
each offer their own set up weapons and power.

- Combat focus platformer run jump and blow thing up!

- Collect soulrium [Gems] use them for unlock new power and abilities.

- 9 Huge stage linear but open with large area to explore.

- 2 choice of difficulties.

- follow up post release content.

- Music by "Kamil Sudrajat" Composer from Metagal.

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Hi! Tharathon here!
Alberto Dolci and I are gamers who have always loved classic 2D style games and a passion for "speed run" challenges. We wanted to create a game that exhibits these qualities and many more. You may notice some similarities to popular classic games such as Megaman, Sonic, and Turrican. We borrowed the mechanics and gameplay style from these and a few other games of that era to get what we present to you today, Metaloid: Origin. In Metaloid: Origin you play as 1 of the 5 Metaloid Resistance members who try to protect your world from the Lucias Corporation Empire, who has seized control to harvest all the resources from the planet. We primarily plan to release our game for mobile devices as of now, but we are also working towards a PC version as well.

The demo version of our game currently features 2 playable characters, Erika and Zeta. Each character is armed with a different set of weapons and have their own unique special power. We also offer 2 levels to play that should allow about 15 minutes of gameplay. We do apologize for any bugs or glitches you may encounter and the lack of options available within the demo. Since the game was not originally designed for PC and we work under a static deadline, certain fixes and changes are still in the working. We will try to get a patch for the demo out later, but until then please enjoy the game. :)


User Posted Image

[BG Improve]

User Posted Image

[FAQ: Bugs/glitches you might find]
- Fullscreen trouble: Since our game was originally designed for mobile devices, we suggest to play on windows mode if you want a pixel perfect experience. We are well aware of this problem and rest assured it will be fixed for the full game. For now, if you do want to play on fullscreen we offer a filter option inside the demo. It may blur the screen slightly, but it fixes the broken graphics of the demo.
- No control customization: We cannot apply this option at the moment.
- No controller support: Unfortunately, I have been unable to get this feature to work for myself. Let us know if it works during the demo for you.
- Zeta crash by elevator in Ice Level: We recently discovered this bug just after the demo release. We are planning to patch this for the demo update. It occurs when Zeta uses special powers inside the Elevator Room in the Ice Level. You should be fine if you avoid doing so.
- Characters slip from floating ladders: We acknowledge this issue and will try to fix it in future updates. For now I suggest the player to jump over it while it goes down to avoid the bug.

[Feedback we expect from release of this demo]
- Is the game fun?
- Ideas for content and/or features for the game
- What we can improve
- Bugs and glitches
- Difficulty
- Improve reputation with player base

[What you can expect in full version of Metaloid: Origin]
- Available on IOS, Android, Game Stick and PC
- 5 Playable Characters
- 24 Weapons
- Equipment Setup
- 8 Levels
- Controller support
- Keyboard customization
- Pixel perfect display in full screen

Please enjoy our game and thank you to everyone who provides their feedback. We appreciate you giving our project a chance and hope that you can pass on good word to others. If you don't enjoy it, we still appreciate giving it a try. Thank you all again!

[Visit our previous games.] ; Support any of our game also help us invest for Metaloid:Origin!

[Steam Page] ; Concept not yet Greenlight because I still have no money to get over there.... :P

[Contact or Give us feedback via]
- albertogplay@gmail.com
- Facebook.com
- Slidedb.com
- Steamcommunity.com

Grammar correction by Zefer.

Metaloid:Origin gameplay screenshot and more info

Metaloid:Origin gameplay screenshot and more info


Check out our new side scrolling shooter game "Metaloid:Origin".

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MO prototype demo.

MO prototype demo.


**Note** The entire game has been remake these demo now work as game play prototype for this project it still contain several bug/glitch which most of...


Is the game dead now?

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Holy_Terra Creator

No we didn't update because we decide remade the game entirely.

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I've played the demo and completed it with Zeta. I can't say which one is better since I mostly play as Zeta

1. I'm not fond of how platforms are arranged in first levels. Neither Erika nor Zeta are able to jump to top with normal jumps forcing Erika and Zeta to run jump to left and right to get there. For latter levels, it's okay to have difficult platforming like this but for first levels, keep platforms simple and easy to reach
2. I can get used to jump from ladders system but if it's possible I'd like a simpler system like this (while clinging on ladder):
a. When jump is pressed, Erika or Zeta will jump to opposite direction of ladder with normal speed (like regular jump). Holding left or right can move them as in regular jump
b. When jump+direction (opposite of ladder) is pressed, Erika and Zeta will perform long jump to opposite direction (like in the demo)
The idea of this is to make jumping off ladder is simpler and easier to control especially in places with spikes and dangers near ladder
3. 2nd boss is really tough, I had to use Zeta's shotgun to defeat him. If you want to make him easier, remove all freezers in his room and let him do the freezing himself
4. Allow player to move camera by holding up or down button to move it in respective direction. Very useful especially in stage 2 in which you need to look before leaping

Regardless of my feedback, the game is fun and I like the challenge

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Holy_Terra Creator

1. In first level if you can't reach some area easily which mean we have alt way for player to go through.

2. Ladder function in this game is simple than it look once you grab on ladder you don't need to press any direction button to make ladder jump since you need only jump button to perform it [jump range depend on how long you hold jump button], and use left/right button if you want to release character with out perform long jump. press direction key+jump for perform long jump will just conflict your character action.

3. We Nerf him a lot from early design now he very easy to deal with all you need to do just use your special attack efficiently and use it often you also destroy his bullet with your gun. however we was plan to remove his armor in the future.

4. We done this feature already but still need some test. :)

Thank you for your feedback.

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Wohoo! Feedback!

First of all, i had a lot of fun playing it. It took me 2-3 hours to finish those two levels (because i died soo many times... mostly on the spike part of lv 2). I really don't like the default controls i had to play with, so the jumping parts were really frustrating sometimes. If not the controls, it would have been better.
I will sill play it again, though, even with those bad controls. :P

Even ignoring the fact that i died so many times, the levels were pretty long. Much longer than i expected. You said 15 minutes of gameplay. LIAR! It takes longer than that on 1st try. :P

Graphics and music are great, and levels are very varied, both gameplay wise and graphics wise (although i hated the jumping focus of lv 2...). There's really nothing that i didn't like about the gfx and music in the game (BTW, great boss battle music; and i hope there will be more "puzzle bosses" like that jumping machine in the future :P ).

Ideas for content:
* multiplayer! at least on PC :P (dunno if you do it as a coop mode, or as a vs mode; in case of coop mode, probably a splt screen would be needed)
* Reactor Guardian mode as a coop? (you already have the content and code for that :P )
* cutscenes for the story, obviously :P (they don't have to be animated, just an image + a portrait of the talking person + said text)
* special item inventory that give you small bonuses (but of course, from the screenshots, it seems like you have it planned already)
* shops where you can buy items for Soulrium crystals (you probably have something planned, though)
* resistances and vulnerabilities? for example, certanin armors could give resistance vs bullets, but vulnerability vs energy weapons (although probably not necessary)

Could get improvement:
* dash button, or "activate sprint mode" button, so the player doesn't have to press direction twice in order to move faster for a short time (it's good when you just want to run, but for avoiding attacks, i think one button would be better)
* what's the button for weapon change? i have absolutely no clue what that symbol on the control screen is supposed to mean
* the selected element in the death screen menu could use something to make it more distinguishable (and the glowing lights being turned off for the element you selected, but turned on for those that aren't, seems a bit counter-intuitive)
* some way of charging attacks or firing few shots in a short burst? or just make low-jumps easier? (hitting some enemies that are on a ramp even slightly higher than you can be hard sometimes, because it's easy to overjump them and the delay between shots is pretty high; seems a bit less problematic for Zeta than for Erika)

* using Erika's roll near a wall, or rolling into a wall, will sometimes cause her to get stuck in that wall (not only you can't get out, but will fall down and die if you move)
* running into a wall (with sprint) might sometimes cause the same problem as with Erika's roll
* whether you die, or simply leave the game, after restarting the game, you begin with as many Soulrium crystals as you had on the previous run (maybe not a bug?)

(well, it's not THAT hard :P )
* i feel like the most difficult part of the game for me was fighting the controls (jump button between attack and special attack buttons? i would rather have space for jump); to someone who likes your control setup, it would probably feel differently, though
* because of controls not fitting me, it took me really lot of tries to pass the pre-1st-checkpoint part of mission 2 (1 hour of constantly dying to SPIKES T^T )
* i died at least 50 times, yet i had sooo many Soulrium crystals that i could be dying even more without worrying about being unable to finish the game
* i found playing as Erika easier than playing as Zeta (especially that there are some spots that apparently Zeta can't reach, or maybe only i don't know how to do it as him, while Erika can reach them with her air dash without any problem)
* 2nd boss is much harder than the 1st, because not you can only hurt him when you hit him in the back, but his attacks can freeze you immobile, and slippery floor makes it hard to avoid them (i defeated him only because of Erika's flaming roll special, otherwise it would take so many shots to kill him that i don't know if i would succeed) - maybe the battle with him could use something some ladder-like thing you can jump to?

* try to spread the word on platformer game forums, if you didn't already

Anyway, thank you for releasing the demo, i had fun playing it. Hope to see more of your work.

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Holy_Terra Creator

Hi thank you to share you though and your idea with us and give us useful info about bug/glitch. specialize when you try really hard to enjoy our game with setup key you not familiar but don't worry we will allow you customize your control in full version even on mobile version unlike M:RG.

1. Use of Soulrium[aka CR] /Gear = don't worry about Soulrium in this Demo currently it's not that useful since we not yet include feature to allow player buy new weapons and item but you know collect shinny thing inside away fun. and at least you need them to return your check point. :p

2. I estimate demo long base on my own run which why it take about 15 min. personally I feel the game little too easy [or just because I play it about 10 times per day make me remember everything... --"] but don't worry in full game player able to access more weapons than what we give you in this demo even so what you use in game is some of strong weapons any way.

3. Multiplayer Metaloid is something we really want to make but unfortunately my team have only 2 people and we lack of experience to make it possible at least for now.

4. If you have problem with in game menu you can try to click them with your mouse it's also work with every menu inside since touch screen function still work and we disable only UI.

5. This demo not yet provide save function which why you start with same number of gear and solarium every times.

6. Have problem with control? if you have controller maybe tool like "better DS3" could help you.

7. We might consider to add sprint button exclusive for PC version.

8. Truly I'm also have problem with second boss this enemy clearly need some tweak. IMO if player have trouble with him on PC I don't even want to think how mobile player will response to us. :p

9. Thankyou for follow our game since Reactor guardian just want to tell you we spend every income we earn from those game to crate this game. :)

10. feel free to share your idea with us any time here since my team have only few people some design might not work well.

11. Sorry for my bad English. :p

12. I nearly forgot switch weapons key is "Q"

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