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King Hyena is a tribute to Japanese warfare mixed with some tribal attributes in a pixel art world, abundant in hand to hand combat and combative brawls. 2 player turn style with possible hidden easter eggs and retro pixel graphics. It is still in it's early stages.

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Helpful hints on game making, and this is King Hyena, what I envisioned, what it's becoming what I hope will be.

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I'm back to tell you guys my faithful fans that King Hyena is becoming so much in so little time. When producing Urizen Shadows of the Cold and then remastering it, it taught me an enormous amount of valuable insight and information on what to do and what not to do, to make a great and effective game.

Rule #1 - Never make your game so big it becomes tedious to play. Yeah not only that, a huge 2D game presents many technical problems like speed and lag time. Optimization is crucial in any game, and it becomes harder when it is so intricately massive.

Rule #2 - Make it simple, yeah like a hug or a kiss, quick meaningful and always wanted. Sometimes simple is better. It's okay to have multiple whatever but keep it realistic and cool.

Rule #3 - Never overlook errors and bugs. Yeah always have a quality control person or mechanism to target finding them nasty bugs.

Rule #4 - SFX are crucial, never opt to make them yourself. LOL I learned that the hard way.

Rule #5 - Target a specific age group, I didn't necessarily make that mistake but it needs to be said.

Rule #6 - Never promise anything, your indie, use that to your advantage.

And lastly

Rule #7 - Plan, sketch, draw, and some more. Never go and try to tackle a blank screen, always layout what you want on paper, it will be so much easier for you, and it will save you roughly 10 times the amount of time. This includes writing down what you want and drawing it out to visually define it.

I present to you now...


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Yes these are the things to do avoid...anyhow here's some background on King Hyena Bloodpack my new project for late 2018 and 2019. The world of King Hyena Bloodpack was created by my friend from Pennsylvania, USA Derek Thomas Killion. He in the last year has trained to become a pro wrestler and thought it would be cool to build a game based of his persona, and to include his wrestler friends. King Hyena Bloodpack is of course a sci-fi, 2D platformer, adventurer with a Japanese feel, fused with a broad indigenous background. While the character's costume is not the same wrestler outfit, I plan to include it in the game as a hidden outfit. We'll this is the story... King Hyena is son of a ruling family in an ancient land, shortly after his parents were killed by a neighboring rival tribe, King Hyena sets off to become the one, king of the "Bloodpack". Having nearly died in one of the conflicts King Hyena is given a second chance by one of his hidden clan members giving him the Continuity a healing factor that later bonds with the powers given by the Zombie Dragon. One of the things I want to present in Bloodpack is the POW meter which is in fact a replenish-able stamina bar, the game also includes multiple moves, and should include tons of power ups. So far you can hyenakickR strip5kick, perform a flying kick, a particular type of kick, ahyenamanhookR strip4 specific punch, and a hyenamanswordR strip10Katana slash. I plan to make it similar to the X-Men Clone wars game for the Sega Genesis, that and Castlevania series for NES and Ninja the Ninja Gaiden series (my fav), also for the NES.


So far I've been at it for less than a month on 4 to 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, and we have progressed far. Here is the second early reel...


We'll there you go, now go play some Urizen...

John P.

Bloodshadow Games

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