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A minimalist, creative, hard and cheap plattformer, which combine all the good old features, like triggers, moving and rotating plattforms, spikes, etc. in one big Level and adds a new gameplay element such as the player automatically jumps if he hits the ground. The idea was to remove everything that dont have to be in the game and create a game, made of pure gameplay and level design. So, ingame you have just one big (3.4k blocks long) level with 56 checkpoints to save in it, that will take you for houres to come to the end.

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Whee! It's a satisfingly bouncy game. Whee! Whee! At a dollar, if you like platformers, you cant go wrong!

This is a very addicting game. What frustrated me though is the lack of warning that it will delete your saved checkpoint if you start a new game. I was almost an hour into the level when I misclicked in the menu and thus had to start all over again. But else I find the 1-level design with persistent checkpoints very rewarding! Good Job!


COOL but for me the controls are sluggage

I cant see the line for some reason, at all.


It is an epic game. I played it 5 times yet and I'm only waiting for the 1.1 update. ;D Go on and good luck!


Awesome game! The simple gameplay and graphics make this game good for all ages! It's unbelievable how you can get this good of a game for the price that it is at!


Straightforward, fun little game.


This game is a very unique game. I really enjoyed playing it. I never really thought you could make games like this with Unity :)
Game is a bit short though. But the price is fair for the ammount of gameplay you get(about 1h of it).
Puzzles are simple at the begining and quite harder to the end of the game.
Physics work great and the game doesn't lag a lot when it comes to more "intense" times :)
Final score is 10!

However I do hope more gameplay will be added :)

I dont get what people like about this game.

A little gem of design: simple, addictive, funny and graphically beutiful, and all for just 1 dollar... To put it simple a must buy.

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Whee! It's a satisfingly bouncy game. Whee! Whee! At a dollar, if you like platformers, you cant go wrong!

Oct 13 2011 by drlemon