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The official Five Nights At Candy's, featuring Candy The Cat & Co.

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The Game What I Grew Up With. This Was The First Game I Rembered Back In September 2015. I was 11 Years Old. I Did Not New About Five Nights At Freddy's Before I Visited This Game Before. I Loved This game Alot. This Was The Starting Of How I Grew Up With Five Nights At Freddy's. Awsome!!! Awsome!!! Game Emily "Ace" Macko

This is awesome. I love it. So good.



Great game ! I like it !


this is the best game ever.

This game is AWESOME!!!!!


this is like the best fan game ive ever played i need your help with my game becsue your thats good dont say yes becsue thts just weird becasue my game will be not as great as this


Buszeg says

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Five Nights at Candy's is one of the best FNaF fangames ever. Models, climate, mechanics, backstory - that's all makes this game really, trully the best!

I'm looking forward to FNaC2!

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