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Part tower defense, part RTS and part mathematical puzzle, "Defense: Evolution" is a minimalist game of territorial expansion and control that will engage you thanks to its simple yet deep strategical gameplay and high replayability factor.

Your task is to wisely place a limited number of red cells anywhere in the play-field with the purpose of protecting the "beacon" (green cells) by an upcoming invasion (blue cells).
Each cell population can evolve and interact with others according to Conway's "Game of Life" set of mathematical rules, originating an unexpected yet rigorous action every time you play.

Unique features:

- High replayability: unpredictable outcomes, yet driven by a mathematically rigorous rule-set, make each new game different and unique.
- Sharpen your pattern recognition and strategic skills.
- Requires both careful planning and quick decision making.

How to Play:

There are 3 types of cells: Red (you), Green (the "Beacon", those you have to protect. If they die, it's Game Over) and Blue (the Invaders).
Each cell interacts with the others following these rules:

1. Any cell with fewer than 2 neighbours dies.

2. Any cell with 2 or 3 live neighbors lives on to the next generation.

3. 3 cells of the same kind next to an empty square will give birth to a new cell.

4. Any cell with more than 3 neighbors of a specific kind dies.

5. Beacon cells are particularly vulnerable to Invaders: two of them are enough to kill a nearby beacon cell!

Every turn, score is computed by adding the number of Red cells alive.
Every turn, 1 extra Red cell is awarded for every 8 Beacon cells present.
You can place or take back Red cells by touching the grid. Let them evolve and protect the Beacon!
But pay attention: they can also harm the beacon if their evolution gets out of control!

Evolution can be halted and restarted at different speed (turn by turn or continuous) by touching "Play" and "Fast Forward" controls.

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Defense: Evolution
Defense: Evolution
Defense: Evolution
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