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Lose yourself in the simple art of blending and matching colours, but be warned: it is trickier than it appears!

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Lose yourself in the simple art of blending and matching colours, but be warned: it is trickier than it appears!
Get it now from: Technaturally.games - free for iPhone/iPad & Android mobile phones/tablets.

With original colour-mixing gameplay and multi-touch controls, Colibrium blends mindfulness and gaming into a delightful, unique experience which brings your mind into a state of flow: relaxing, engaging and fun.

Great for kids and adults alike, Colibrium adapts to your skill level and keeps you coming back for more. What starts out as a simple, peaceful and relaxing experience becomes a deeply focused, gripping game as your skill level grows.

Here’s what our reviewers on the App Store have to say:
"Gaming meets mindfulness! ***** (5 stars)
Meditation and mindfulness meets gaming. This awesome gem of a game meets both my need for engaging in something fun and pleasurable while still feeling I am doing something worthwhile and meaningful. This is possible because of the games fluidity and zen-like flow of balancing and matching colours." (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

"Fun meets Zen, the perfect combination ***** (5 stars)
Great fun for kids and adults alike. I loved the challenge of mixing just the right amount for various tones. My son will love this just as much, if not more, than I have :)" (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

"Great game! ***** (5 stars)
Really soothing game! Great stress reliever :-)" (Aotearoa/New Zealand)

"What a lovely game! ***** (5 stars)
I really love it! Cute colorful design and graphics, fun relaxing background music and effects. It’s very cool that they have integrated culminating a peaceful, natural flow or state of mind. A very different and wonderful concept! You must try it!" (Japan)

"Awesome ***** (5 stars)
I love this app, it’s a really interesting game and completely different from anything on the App Store." (United States)

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