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Introducing "PROJECT 88x" an Science Fantasy RPG set within the Cosmos.

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I just realized I had this IndieDB for nearly 10yrs & never used it to its full potential. Its always been sitting here for me to get back to, to fulfill some promise of making an Indie project. So much has changed in 10yrs that the grim truth is, Indie is not viable as it used to be. But this has always been a labor of passion. & RPGs (Turn Based, Tactics, Action, etc) will always been the passion.

Introducing "PROJECT 88x" an Science Fantasy RPG set within the Cosmos. A crew of friends find themselves in another plane set within the Stars after they break curfew. There they come across bizarre creatures & supernatural beings as they venture through an astral world filled with random occurrences & strange encounters.

Major Influences include Star Ocean 2nd Story, Phantasy Star 4 & (ofcourse) Earthbound/Mother

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