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After our E3 deadline update, we are here to make sure every site we post on is updated with all the various materials we have put out, lots of new and amazing things!

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the June 2016 update for Project : Limit Release, in this update we will be talking about everything related to the new content being developed for the film.

This is a 3D Machinima movie project NOT a game.

(Machinima is a form of animation created using video games or video game engines to render the footage.)

Development News

Since our last update we have been working incredibly hard, we made a major update showing off the new quality of content around E3 and everyone seems to have enjoyed it, especially getting to see what quality bar we are aiming for and being able to view it at their own discretion.

The models we showed off include the following,

These models are all part of the quality bar, we want everything to be this good from now on, our polygon counts are similar to that of any recent Final Fantasy game allowing us to put a lot more details into our models, most interestingly after being contacted to display content for the UDK showcase in 2011, now we have been contacted by someone from Blizzards marketing department who is interested in our work and is keeping a close eye on things to see how they go.

We are working on finishing up the remaining parts before getting everything ready to be made into low polygon format, those who remember how this worked with the original Limit Release (OVA) will know that the development process sped up considerably when it came to making every model into its low polygon version, so in future you`ll be seeing a drastic increase in the amount of images and content posted up.

Future Deadlines

We are setting ourselves more deadlines in an attempt to put out content updates more frequently, the only problem is because we pride ourselves on being honest with you all 100% of the time (allowing you to trust us), it has conflicted slightly with us attempting to make surprises for you all, which was why we had a dry spell in terms of the lack of updates posted from between Feb 2016 to when this update is posted for the public to see, purely because we wanted to give you all a really big surprise to enjoy, please never misunderstand that we work on this project as hard as we can, taking up most of our time daily and that even though some times we may not post up as many updates we are committed like the first time to seeing this through until its completion, as such just be very patient for the updates and never consider the project to be dead or us to have given up as that will never happen.

Want more information about the project?

See you all next update, and remember you can stay in touch with the project for more frequent updates at Facebook.com

Sandro & David
(Limit Release Devs)

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