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Hello, We are Masondogg Studios, LLC some of you may have seen us before if so thank you for checking out our site we currently have 2 games in development now and are also working on building 2 more teams. We also want to expand to adding an ALL female team as well. These are exciting times if you have been looking for an indie studio that is stable and funded and has a well laid out structure our studio is right for you. Join today apply on our jobs page today. www.masondoggstudios.com


USA Only [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Looking for Motivated Programmers wanting a start in the gaming Industry!

USA [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

All Skilled Developer Types

"USA" Only Please [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

Programmers, Riggers, Composers

USA Only [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

Programmer Needed, 3D Animator Artist and Level Designer and Game Design Needed

USA Only Please [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

Looking for Programmers, 2D-3D/Level/Artist Designers, 3D Modelers and More.....

USA - Applicants Only [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

Net Code Programmers, AI, Physics and more developers welcome!

USA Only - Please [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

Level Designer and Character 3D Artists, and more

USA Only, Please [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]

Masondogg Studios Exclusive Registered Beta Tester

Anywhere Masondogg Studios, LLC [OLD]
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