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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

Posted by mrjamesweston on

Hey There!

I'm Austin, a game developer for an undisclosed project!

I am looking for Voice Actors(both male and female) to use in my game.

For anyone who is interested in the position I am looking for these requirements:

You are a protagonist who is terrified for his life but on a mission. He is scared and knows if he stops his untimely death will approach him. You're infatuated with the antagonist, but refuse to give up; you must earn her love.

You don't want him. He has to leave. There is no way you're giving up, besides, think of what HE did. He can't do it again. Remember what happens whenever he gets his way, it's always ended badly. Jail, Courts, and Police Brutality, this isn't what your life wasn't supposed to be like. He has to go, not even if it kills you.

If you have any demo reels portraying these(not specifically), when applying, go ahead and send those type(s) of reels over!

Do mind, as I'm the only developer on this project it will take me a bit of time in order to reach out to any voice actors.


Will we get paid?
We will work on a revenue-share system(depending on what the game makes, a percentage will be given.)

You're the only developer?

Can I know the name of the game?
Of course! As soon as you sign the non-disclose agreement.(I do this in order for no spoilers to get out and to protect my work, as well as yours!)

How old are you?
Age is just a number.

What is your favorite music?
That is irrelevant.

Can I help develop the game?'re supposed to voice act.

What's your number?
We're done here.

To Apply

Think you got what it takes?
Go ahead and send an e-mail to with the subject line:
Voice Actor for Undisclosed Project

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Got it!

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