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ABOUT (more info:

One day, in a tranquil wintery town, lived a young yet poor doll maker. Consisted of many intricately sewn dolls for young girls and boys, the shop had rapidly gained fame. However, there is one special line of exactly seven dolls, all with a dark secret, and an eternal grudge towards the young and poor doll maker. They are harshly labelled as “amartia seven”. Time ticked by slowly for these dolls known as Amartia Seven. That is though, until a mysterious girl named Aria freed them of their wretched curse by the doll maker, who has - for some reason - disappeared completely from human sight. Now that they were free, they will go through anything to quench their vengeance. Even if it means torturing; even if it means taking a life. Their vengeance is just too strong to be true; only the brightest of lights can heal their deepest lacerations. However, what can Aria do when she is completely lost on her own identity? Will she be able to help these twisted and spiteful dolls? “Look at what is inside of you, not at what is outside of you, and soon you will realize that only your brightest Heaven could heal their darkest Hell.” -A certain doll maker.

Amartia Seven is a dark and haunting, medium-length fantasy visual novel that is loosely based on the Cardinal Sins (or the Seven Deadly Sins) where surprising secrets and plot twists will unfold. Although heavily plot-driven, it is mixed in with a dark, twisted and rather dangerously lustful romance most likely in the bad ending more so than the good/normal, but there will be no 18+ or mature scenery nor CGs, probably. Due to this, this game is rated 16+ for mild sexual content and profanity. This may change over time if needed, but is unlikely.

1. Aria Serenada: An amnesiac girl. She strives to find her true identity.
2. Hayden: A boy with a notable lack of interest towards everything but one thing- getting revenge against her.
3. Julian: He is someone to look down on others. If people don't understand, he'll use force to make them.
4. Selvin: Although quiet, he is always looking for attention, from his companions and especially Aria.
5. Ray: He is kind and caring, but sometimes a darker side comes out of the left field...
6. (pending name) Alan: Strict and dangerously meticulous. He has the deepest seed of hatred in his heart for a certain doll maker.
7. Rui: Seductive and dominant, he loves to tease Aria. He can be called a “sexual sadist”.
8. (pending name) Allen: Although seemingly malnourished, he denies the help of anybody coldly. Otherwise, he's very open.
9. Doll Maker: She seems to know a lot about Aria. Just who is she?

I am not able to pay in the form of money as this is a free project (and money is tight because I am a student). If you would like any "payment", I am free to do a trade with you. I am able to write, edit and/or proofread for you in exchange for an asset for this game. For more information, you can visit Any role with a * next to it means that it is prioritized.

- CG artist(s) : 29-30 CGs total; 1-2 for demo release. Anime artwork preferred.
- Background artist(s) : 10+ backgrounds; multiple variations.
- GUI artist : main menu, save / load, preferences, quit, text-box, choices, CG gallery+ screening needed.
- Programmer : Using Ren'Py engine to program the visual novel.
- Other : Roles such as chibi artist and voice acting or any other role you are willing to offer.

If you are interested in working on this project, I would like to say that right now, I am looking for dedication and passion/interest. Communication will be held primarily through Skype; possibly through email as well, and collaboration is held by Google Drive. If you would like the payment I offer, then let's talk something out. This is not a very small project; I need all the help I can.

To Apply

If you are interested, do send me an email at Make sure that you provide appropriate samples and the role(s) which you wish to apply for in your message as well! Thank you for your time, and I hope to be able to work with you.

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