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Posted by matteke on

Hi, thanks for reading my post.

My name is Matthias, I am the lead(and only) developer on my game that has no name yet. The goal of this project is to make a fun and realistic game. The game will be an openworld game around the entire globe, where you can play as your very self in realistic environments and become whoever you want, you want to be a dentist? Go study and become one. You want to murder for fun? Go ahead, do it. Want to become a hacker? Go ahead, do it. The goal is to have CHOICE. Let the player do whatever he wants, and give him a very realistic and open environment, another very important aspect will be destruction and gore, I'm talking about Soldier of Fortune 2 but better(in terms of gore, not in terms of gameplay) Everything should be dynamic, want to blow up a bridge? Do it. Want to slice somebody in half? Do it. (this is gonna cause controversy lol) We will be using Unreal Engine 4, myself runs it on a linux system, its opensource yay. Version control will be discussed later as I will host everything. As main communication channel we will use discord. More about myself: I live in Belgium(if you live in another timezone thats no problem(who sleeps anymore?)) and I am a system administrator and a C# programmer in my free time. I worked on some game projects before, which were mostly unity but im more familiar with unreal engine.

What I expect FROM YOU:

Sarcasm(not too much)

Interested? Contact me now.

To Apply

Please send a mail with your discord name and more info about you to matteke[at] to be added to the team, also that mail if you have any more questions.

Send your public gpg key if applicable

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