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Hello im jara and im making a game together with 10 other people.
most of them don't have enough time to work on the game but that's okay, whoever wants to join can as long as u have a skill of making pixel art/programming.

I would like to see some examples of your work before I bring you in, dont worry I'm not very strict in these things, but I mostly get emails of "artist" that don't meet the requirements, though I can see talent and skill in people who aren't professional.

If you make a mistake, and it doesn't look good, we won't tell you to make something again: we will help eachother because we are a team.
That's how I solve it with the 3 artists who are currently in the team.
It's unpaid unless you stay till the end when we release the full game on Steam.

The progress is going quite slow and that's why we need more artists/programmers.
It's a 2D RPG game.

Current team members:
3 pixel artists.
2 programmers.
3 sound designers.
2 writers.

Anyway, the game is about 8 girls landing in their own written book. each of them has a different element and weapon but also an entirely different story. the goal of the game is to free the creatures in the book back to their original place where they belong because the writer has control over everything except for the girls. everyone who opens the book disappears into it. the writer basically absorbs their souls to finally become whole and exist in the real world too. to reach the writer and defeat him you need to make the right choices because the writer might be unable to control you, but he has control over everything that happens: objects, enemies, allies, and everything that can influence your life course. we are gonna release the demo when we have programmed the first 2 scenes for girl1 and 2: library (for both), castle (for girl1, since she starts off as a princess), and a dungeon (for girl2 since she starts off as an alchemist). girl1 has the light element and girl2 poison. Every girl has a twin, for example, girl1 (light) has the twin girl8 (dark). the first time the cloaked man appears to make you chose between the 3 doors, you have the choice to go into your twinsisters memories to be with her and fight the writer together (the twinsister is always in the reversed world of yours), though this won't be an easy job to get to her. Because the writer rewrites the story the girls wrote meanwhile, the cloaked man will grant you 3 choices once in a while.

We are still working on it to make the story better.

Here are some of the art examples:

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