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Hey there!So as you saw on the title, i am searching for a pixel art artist who will be the head artist to work on the graphics for an upcoming game we are making. Its a deep story RPGish kind of game, think something like undertale for example. The pixel art is not something super difficult either. Its a paid job with profit share of about 25-30% of total profit. If you are intereseted email me or message me on facebook and you will just need to paint me 1 pixel art sprite in the same style as the original i am going to provide you. Thats because i already had a pixel artist but things happened and now im left with nobody and with the past sprites he provided me. SO! i need someone to paint in the same pixel art style as the previous sprites, just so it doesnt seem weird or out of place. And re-painting all the sprites would be a really clever idea xd. More information will be provided about the complicated story and the pixel art needed from email or facebook.

If you are interested on this kind of big project email me and we will discuss this further. BUT KEEP IN MIND! i want a hardworking person because this is a veryyy important job. i mean.. whats a game without cool pixel art sprites and graphics right?


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Email me at:
or facebook message me at: Asteris Lazaridis
I have an instagram aswell: @supreme_fab

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