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Attention Programmers, Level, Designers, Artists, and Audio/Music I am looking for volunteers to help develop a horror/action game. I am looking for individuals that love horror games. The game I am writing a GDD for is about a character that has his/her life flipped upside down when the character has to fight for survival against monsters and demons of lore. What kind of lore? Every kind of lore from all over the world. I want to bring the scariest, meanest and most evil creatures to life in this game. Artists will have a basic concept of the style I am looking for and then given freedom to create the models, weapons, monsters, and terrain (buildings, cars , potted plants, etc...) for concept designs to be approved. Level Designers must have experience in Unity. The game will run on the PC. Any other platforms will be discussed during the first meeting.

This is entirely volunteer based. I can't promise any payment. However if we can make everything in house and raise enough through kickstarters and other sources, any money not used for the game, will be divided to the entire team. I want people completely interested in making a great horror/action game to apply. More detail will be discussed in the meetings. Meetings will be in google hangouts and possibly Skype.

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