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CITADEL Interactive, a small indie studio, is dedicated to bring the best possible content that we can to the market. CITADEL is currently looking to bring a interested concept artist onto the team. The position (more information below) requires a little experience and you must be willing to work with other members of the CITADEL art team.

Information about CITADEL-
CITADEL Interactive is a small indie studio based out of Arizona, our team is comprised of dedicated people that have a love for gaming and a wiliness to learn from each other.
-Information about our current project-
CITADEL is currently working on a 2D side scroller that is narrative driven and a dynamic setting and charter plan.

Information about this Position-
The secondary artist position primarily works with the Lead artist, and Creative Director, and occasionally the Game Director to better bring the ideas of narrative team and the narrative as a whole into the visual realm. You will be working to create concept art to better serve int he advertising of the tittle and the studio.

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