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Hello my name is Hayden Steed, I am a C# programmer making a game called Star Wars Brawl. Star Wars Brawl is a game where you have to choose a character from the Star Wars Universe, movies 4-6, and play with a friend. Currently I am the only Programmer in this project. So far I have made a demo but this demo is buggy and only has Darth Vader and Luke.

If you get on the team you will be working in a team of 4 - 9 people developing this game. Your responsibilities will include, smoothing out animations for the characters, adding new characters, and adding the UI. You will need to have a through knowledge of the Unity Game Engine and C#, watched all the Star Wars movies (so you understand what I am talking about), and know the basics of Animation in Unity. Also you don't need to work constantly but I do ask that you can work at least an hour a week.

Also as far as money goes, because this is a Star Wars fan game and therefore is illegal to sell, or directly try to make money off of it, we will only make a little revenue. So though we will slit the money at the end, the money we split is going to be little so dot come for the money. Also this project has no funding so if you want a paid job look somewhere else.

I hope to have you on the team.

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