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hello Eagleheroes is a masive mmorpg and we need your help!

we at eagleheroes are looking for more 3d model and texture design as we are build our mmo city. we also looking for writers that can write our lore to the game, characters, class, race, location, etc. we would need everything done on papers. we have some ideas but we will need a few lore writers that can bring more focus to it.

as 3d designer we are looking for relativistic materials for our game. we will have a first release on September then we will show it for investors and keep develop it to finish product. we already have a few interested investors but we need to show something.

We have the most coded but missing voice actor, lore writer, 3d designer, animator and ui designer but you're welcome to join us if you think you can help on another way.

*What we have
*Custom launcher
*we have characters ready
*weather system done with random weathers
*a full network environment
*level design.

thanks for your time and hope to see you on our team.

kind regards Daniel

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