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Good day.

I am searching for a 3D Designer, that is Interested in making a Raft like game ( - I really like the Idea but a lot of Content is missing and the Devs doesn't seem to have enough own Ideas.

The 3D Models should be in a Semi-Realistic Style, maybe even a bit into Comic.
This Includes: Raft Parts, Animated Shark, Animated Player, Animated Tools, Decoration, Working Stations and everything to come (Like little Islands).

Please look at the linked Game for more Information about the desired Art Style. I am open for any other Style.

Estimated Time for the Raw Game should be 3 Months (+- 2) and should Contain a Playable build with Multiplayer, Unlimited Ocean and a buildable Raft with simple Survival aspects.

About me:
I am a 23 Years old Programmer from Germany, with 5 Years Unity Expirience - Focus on Gameplay and Multiplayer.

This Project is on Profit Share!
This means, we will make a simple Contract that guarantees a fixed % of any Profit made from this Game. (If any)

To Apply

Please join my Discord for more Information or to apply to this Job. You will need a Microphone and some english skills.

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