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Hi. I am looking for an individual or a team who would create for me a vertical slice of a game similar to the Butcher ( The task is to create a Unity 5 game with:
* 2d platformer mechanics with scroll in all directions
* pixel art graphics, 640x360 scaling up to screen size (best fit)
* one demo level demonstrating all aspects of the game
* character graphics with smooth animations, level graphics
* character movement controlled with keyboard, aim and shoot with mouse
* blood overpainting level elements
* gibbs/blood physics
* one enemy type with demo weapon
* one weapon for main character
* simple enemy AI: find shortest path, shoot when possible, don't fall off the level. Attack triggered by distance to the main character.
* level tile types: solid ground, jump-through/drop off, solid ceiling, platform oscillating up and down.

Not needed (optional):
* graphics - use some free assets or sketch something very simple
* menu
* hud
* doors, buttons, elevators
* more than one enemy type
* more than one weapon type
* level end condition
* score/points mechanism
* background graphics
* sounds and music

To Apply

If you are interested send you offer to Valid offer must include:
* your team size
* experience of team members (no or little experience is also ok)
* estimated delivery time
* total price you would like to be paid for it
* if available link to your previous work demo/video
* if available link to sample project code

Candidates must be able to write clean and optimal code (I will do some code review during the development process).

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