Cool Tower Defense / Clicker Multiplayer game with Resources and a Mighty Castle

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Just added Multiplayer ... and it's Awesome.
Have you ever seen a "Tower Defense / Clicker game" with multiplayer ? Here's one for you.

- 7 awesome towers with 2 unique upgrade paths
- 20 different minions with an upgrade
- Spawn the minion as boss, by just holding down the button
- Two-player co-operative play
- 3 different game modes in single player

" Tap to Gather " resources and use these resources, to " Build a Mighty Castle ".
" Hire " workers, who save your fingers and make gathering resources a lot faster.
Build " Defensive Turrets " and " Upgrade " them, to defend your "Kingdom" !
Send " Minions " and "Upgrade " them to attack your opponent and make you " Victorious ".

Choose between many different turrets, to defend your newly built Castle.
All turrets have 2 unique "Upgrade Branches". Both of these branches have 2 Tiers.

Choose between tons of different "Minions", to attack your opponent. Each minion has an "Upgraded version". Upgraded version has double health, double damage, double speed + a "Unique Ability". All abilities are unique in their own way.

Compare your Tapping skills with your friends and other people. You are building your Castle side-by-side with your opponent. So Tap-Fast, defend your Castle and defeat the opponent.

You can start sending Minions, to attack the opponent, after building 1 Level of Castle. Each level of Castle, earns you "Gold Coins". Use those Coins, to Build and Upgrade your turrets. Or use those Coins, to send out minions(Attack).

The story of TapnBuild series :

TapnBuild 2 - Tower Clicker is an Idle / Clicker / Tower Defense game. You combine your tapping and strategy skills, to become victorious.

Gather resources:

Click on the Cave / Mine to gather mineable resources.
Click on the Forest on the right to gather wood.
Click on the River to gather water.

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