Project Boxing is a boxing simulation game.

It's a fighting game where you take the role of a boxer. You are able to throw flurries of punches and dodge, weave and guard yourself against your opponent.

It's a project I've been working on for a while now, and being a big fan of boxing - I'm determined to make it the best boxing game out there.

I do boxing training in real life, and get advice from real boxers/trainers on technique. I've been attempting to translate this into the gameplay.


Full fledged boxing simulation game!

  • Different punch types: Jabs, straights, hooks and uppercuts.
  • Blocking system: React to the opponents punches with positional blocking.
  • Dodging system: Weave, dodge and counter your opponents throws with a manually controlled dodging system!
  • Physics: Behind all the animations is a physics system. Leading to realistic mechanics, such as the damage of a punch is dependent on the physical velocity.
  • Reactive AI: The AI will learn from your play and try to counter it. Different personalities will also take a role in how you opponent fights (aggressive, conservative).

Career mode!

  • Join an offline career mode simulating the lifestyle of a professional boxer.
  • Customize your boxer (facial appearance, body proportions, hair style..).
  • Buy different gear.
  • Train your boxer in different areas.
  • Sign contracts against bigger boxers.
  • Progress through the rankings to eventually be named champion.
  • Fully simulated boxing world: Other boxers will train, fight each other and have rivalries.

Two player mode!

  • Plug in another controller and play against each other.


Depending on how the game goes, I may add multiplayer and also hire voice actors to do live commentary over the boxing match.

The game is in it's early stages at the moment, the core boxing match mechanics are there but a lot more polish is needed.

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Project Boxing Dev Log



Hello all! Sorry been a little while since the last post, it's been hard to find the time. I thought I'd give a quick update things which have been worked on:

  • Positional blocking system, arms will move according to stop jabs and hooks to the head and body.

  • Improved boxer models, now more customizable in terms of facial features and muscle definition.

  • Improved the foot movement system, boxer moves a lot more realistically.

  • Improved the lighting and added volumetric capability.

  • Boxers will lean into their punches now depending on their distance from each other.

The features being worked on at the moment include knockouts, cinematic ring entrance, boxer customization, visual damage (cuts, etc) and much more.

If you have any ideas or features you would like to see, hola at me

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On android?

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bradpixeldev Creator

In the future.

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Game looks really good so far, the snapping back of the head after being hit by a jab is SUPER realistic, I really like it. Only gripes I have right now, are that sometimes the hook punches can look a bit weird and movement is almost there, but is still a bit stiff. I think the movement needs a little bit of "bounce, or spring" in their step. Also, I think the old body part damage system was a nice touch and should stay in the game.

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bradpixeldev Creator

Thanks for the comment. The movement is still a bit of a 'work in progress' at the moment, still trying to get it to be a little bit more realistic or adding "bounce" as you said. I'm still thinking about adding the old damage system back. Thanks!

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Game looks AMAZING!!. I hope the blocking won’t be like how it was in fight night round 2 and 3 where I would be animation locked and not able to move or throw a punch. FN Round 4 had the best blocking and the most indepth character creation where I could customize quite literally, everything. I hope you will draw more inspiration from FN round 4 in the future.

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bradpixeldev Creator

Thanks! I'll take a further look at fight night round 4, a lot of people seem to think it's the best.

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Is it a option to add a create a fighter? that would really speak to alot of people

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bradpixeldev Creator

Yep I am developing a fighter creation feature.

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What's your opinion about static attributes?
Current boxing/fighting games are outdated with their career mode progression.
Tyson didn't start as a 50OV power.
And since your created fighter basically only fights guys in their ratings scale as he progresses, there's no much difference.
I'd love to see a boxing game where your fighter (either created or random), starts with certain static attributes such as chin, handspeed, power, jab, etc.
The fighter can improve their defense, stamina, maybe add a combination and possibly increase their power and speed to a small degree.
But generally speaking, a fighter is what he is from day one.
They improve through experience and win championships either through natural talent or wise managerial maneuvering - making sure they're always in the ring with a guy that compliments their style.
Just some food for though.
Game looks really promising. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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bradpixeldev Creator

That's an interesting idea.
I was originally thinking of limiting the amount of weight classes a fighter can go up or down on. I mean you never see a fighter go from featherweight to heavyweight.

So maybe limiting the stats could be an idea too, for at least the stats like you mentioned. Realistically a boxer can't train their chin, otherwise amir khan would be onto that.

I haven't really started the career mode yet. I'm still deep into developing the actual fight system, but discussions like this are useful for knowing what people want. Thanks!

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Thank-you for the reply. Great appreciated.
I doubt you want to fully engage me with a discussion on a robust career mode, lol. I've bored people to tears with my ideas.
I'd love to see a Managers mode where you control a stable of fighters all with different attributes and personalities; some guys want to train, others not so much.
Fighters have a local and national reputation meter.
As a manager/promoter you have to put on local cards to help pay for gym expenses (nutritionists, trainers, cutmen, utilities, etc).
Some guys are very popular locally, some not so much.
A scenario I brought up was what if a highly connected promoter (think Don King, Arum, DLH, etc) needs a HW tomato can to make his man look good on card televised by ESPN.
He asks you to sacrifice your beloved HW who is wildly popular in your town. You know he's going to get embarassed and being as proud as he his, he may even leave your gym if you throw him to the wolves.
But this big-time promoter will repay you by allowing your little known, but highly skilled welterweight to fight on the undercard.
This would provide national exposure and possibly set him up for a top-10 contender bout - which of course brings in a lot of money and prestige to the gym.

Stuff like that.
I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, haha.
Your game is looking really nice. I understand the hardest part is getting the gameplay and AI down so clearly my half-brain ideas are back-burner discussions.
But thought I'd throw it out here.

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bradpixeldev Creator

Sounds like a 'very' deep career mode haha.

Manager mode is quite distant from what I'm developing at the moment, but I could possibly use the fighting engine I'm developing now to use in a future manager game. Giving a visual representation of the fight instead of just lines of text.

I like the ideas though, thanks for sharing them!

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