Bungie began as a company one crisp morning in May of 1991, but that wasn't exactly the beginning. Before it emerged, fully formed as the multinational corporate behemoth that published Operation: Desert Storm (on which they later based a war), "Bungie" released a Pong clone (nearly 20 years after the original, mind you) called Gnop!

That's Pong spelled backwards, and it was that type of brilliant marketing strategy that would catapult Bungie into the gaming stratosphere. Surprisingly, there was a long way to go between Gnop! and Halo 2. To be fair to Gnop! – its price was right. The game was free, although a couple of users did send its creator $15 for the source code.

But Chicago in 1991, when Alexander Seropian set up the company to publish his self-penned Operation: Desert Storm, was a very different world. The country was seeing epic deficits, unemployment was at record levels, Janet Jackson was topping headlines and we had just been involved in a short but messy war in Iraq. Unrepeatable events, for sure.

Back then, the PC was clearly the dominant computing platform, but that didn't stop Seropian and his Artificial Intelligence class compadre Jason Jones from embracing the Macintosh, for reasons of familiarity and ease of use rather than any fundamental business thinking. That and the fact that Jason Jones had a mostly complete build of Minotaur ready when Seropian convinced him to join forces.

"Yeah, I grew up on the Apple II and then the Mac," says Jason, "I wrote all this C code for PCs though, before I even went to school. This was the heyday of PCs, with Wing Commander and stuff. The PC market was really cutthroat, but the Mac market was all friendly and lame. So it was easier to compete."

Jason remembers things weren't all sweetness and light, "I didn't really know [Alex] in the class. I think he actually thought I was a dick because I had a fancy computer. He was looking for another thing to publish after Operation: Desert Storm, so we published Minotaur – and it was after that we set up a partnership. What I liked about him was that he never wasted any money."

There was no money to waste in the early days, when the whole operation (if you can call two guys in a basement an operation) was something like a garage band – and early players of Minotaur (Bungie's second or third release, depending on how you count 'em) might have been shocked to see Jason and Alex sitting cross-legged in Alex's apartment, hand-assembling the Minotaur boxes. And although Operation: Desert Storm had been a minor hit (2500 copies sold!), it was Minotaur that would raise profiles, eyebrows and expectations.

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Crimson: Steam Pirates

Crimson: Steam Pirates

Turn Based Tactics

Thomas Blood crossed the Atlantic in chains, an enemy of the English Crown condemned by Queen Victoria herself. But his destiny was as a free man, a captain...

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For denying the PC Master Race the recent half of the Halo series and the soon to be released Destiny, I formally as an Inquisitor of the PC Master Race initiate an investigation into this company's blatant Tech Heresy primarily in suspicion of their change of allegiance long ago and continued ignorance of God-Emperor Gabe's holy dominion when given opportunity for redemption by releasing Destiny on PC.

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When are you guys going to add Halo Reach to your list of games on here?

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its a xbox game not a pc game maybe thats why

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Master Chief would meet his challenge with a speck of dust. HALO SUCKS! Gordon would DESTROY Master Chief. I'm sorry, ANYTHING WOULD DESTROY MASTER CHIEF!

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I'm sorry, Being a huge halo fan since the first one came out, My reaction to this and pretty much you is 2 words.
**** you.

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You have your opinion, I have mine. I think Master Chief could probably complete HL a little bit quicker than Gordon, a little bit quicker, but Samus would still finish it within an hour and we get the special ending. (Oh how I love refrencing Samus speeding through a game...)
Still a good series me thinks.

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o.0 0.o ....

Wow, and apartment based company made the famous halo. Wow.

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Have you any idea how many companies started or with such a small development team? Just take a look at ID Software, and Interplay.

Just a few of the games/franchises started by these humble companies include: like Doom, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Baldur's Gate, Descent, Freespace, etc.

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bill gate started in his parents garage. and he's a very rich man. :D

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